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Past Special Events

Many Thanks to the Sponsors of the 11th Annual REST Luau Fundraiser

ALI’I Sponsors

Adventist Health & Rideout


Bradley Optometry, Inc

Calen & Michelle Cross

Dennis and Dianne Green

Gaiser Pets

Gateway Pacific Contractors

Hillcrest Catering 

Joseph and Ludel Bouchard

Jon and Katherine Hamilton

Suzanne Hockett



Chuck and Carol Esparza

David Ernstam Insurance Services

Dieter and Fran Rex

Hawkins Exteriors

Lauren and Joan Bieg

Morning Star Pest & Termite Control

Nelson MFG. CO.

Butte Sand and Gravel

Darren and Coleen Morehead

Catherine and Michael Gibson

Rotary Club of Yuba City

OHANA Sponsors

Daniel Gaines Insurance Agency

Holycross Funeral Home and Crematory

Rita Collins

Michael and Susan Bauer


Steve Howeth EA

Aaron and Gayle Ott

Cookie Tree, Inc

Hilbers Inc

John and Ngangiang Thoo

Lloyd and Tracy Leighton

Lup and Lucy Suen

Manolo and Monina Pabalan

Matthew and Lorene Conant

Rebecca Kersting

Sean O'Leary

Steven and Marie Kroeger

Thomas and Robin Walther

D & L Kalau

Ken and Debbie Cunningham

Rich Panicali

Below are links to pics and sponsors from past Luaus, our largest annual fundraising opportunity, and past Softball for Shelters, our newest fundraising opportunity. Every year, we are grateful to all who contribute and participate in these much needed events!

Pics from our 8th Annual Luau Fundraiser below!!

(Sponsors list click here.)

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