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Our Church Partners

REST is a rotating shelter. Each week, a different local church hosts the shelter at their facility. During the winter of 2020-2021, REST had to modify its shelter model to a single location due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cornerstone Church of Yuba City donated the use of its buildings to serve as the shelter for five months while REST’s other partner churches took turns delivering meals to the shelter. REST is very grateful to Cornerstone Church and all its partner churches for pulling together during this difficult time to serve people experiencing homelessness. This winter (2021-2022) REST hopes to return to its traditional rotating shelter model so all its partner churches can share in the joy of providing shelter and hospitality to those in need.

REST is entirely dependent on the generosity of area churches to provide overnight shelter and hot meals for our homeless guests. The following churches opened their facilities for the 2019-20 season (not listed in any particular order):

Adventure Church of Yuba City (2 weeks)

Cornerstone Church (2 weeks)

St Andrew Presbyterian Church (2 weeks)

River Valley Church (2 weeks)

The Bride Church of Yuba City (1 week)

St Isidore Catholic Church (2 weeks)

Hope Point Nazarene Church (1 week)

Community Adventist Church of Yuba City (2 weeks)

Church of Glad Tidings (1 week)

St Joseph Catholic Church (1 week)

First United Methodist Church of Yuba City (1 week)

Olivehurst Seventh-Day Adventist Church (1 week)

New Beginnings Wesleyan Church (3 weeks)

In addition to the above, the following congregations and organizations play a large

role in providing hot evening meals:

St James of Jerusalem Episcopal Church of Yuba City

Emmanuel Family Worship Center of Yuba City

St John's Episcopal Church of Marysville

First United Methodist Church of Marysville

Hope Point Nazarene Church of Yuba City

Kingdom Message Christian Center of Marysville

Calvary Chapel Yuba City

Seventh Day Adventist Reformed Movement of Marysville

Seventh Day Spanish Church of Marysville

Spanish Church Calvary Chapel Yuba City

** The Yuba City Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides all of the snack bags and breakfast supplies for the entire season. They also generously donate cots and sleeping bags each season!


"Come to me all who are weary and

burdened and I will give you REST."

Matthew 11:28

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