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DECEMBER 3, 2023 -- MARCH 31, 2024

REST provides overnight shelter and meals to families, single women and couples during the above dates. Shelter intake occurs nightly at 909 Spiva Ave. Yuba City, CA between 5PM and 6PM. You are encouraged to arrive at 5PM as space may be limited.

Guests must agree to the following rules:

∆ Obey all local, state and federal laws.

∆ Behave and follow instructions by the REST Staff and Volunteers.

REST does NOT allow alcohol, drugs (including marijuana) or weapons on the premises including knives of any sort. Medications, prescription or over the counter, will be relinquished at the time of intake and secured in a lock-box.

∆ Medications in lock-box will be available to guests at the shelter. The medications will then be returned to the lock-box.

∆ No pets except service or emotional support dogs with current shots, licenses and paperwork. The shelter can accommodate no more than two such dogs at one time.

∆ Guests are allowed to take items to the shelter, such as toiletries and appropriate night clothes, which are needed for that night. A canvas bag will be provided if needed.

∆ No liquids of any kind are allowed at the shelter.

∆ Purses and other bags will be examined and contents of pockets will be shown.

∆ Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and at designated times. REST does not allow E-cigarettes or Vaping of any kind.

∆ There can be random searches of belongings if considered necessary.

∆ Dress appropriately at all times.

∆ Make the shelter a peaceable living environment by treating others with verbal and physical respect.

∆ Inappropriate touch, sexual harassment, threats or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

For more information, call Executive Director Frank South at 530-683-2274.

"Come to me all who are weary and

burdened and I will give you REST."

Matthew 11:28

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